Case studyElectric arc furnace slag

Description of the situation

Our customer is processing at the site approximately 200.000 tons of EAF Slag every year. 75 % of the material is already smaller than 100 mm and it is processed by existing equipment. Customers plant consist of a heavy duty scalping screen combined with magnetic separation. Fraction 100–400 mm which presents about 50.000 ton a year is at the time processed by balldropping.

Material: EAF Slag
Feeding Size: larger than 200 mm
Metal Content: 30 %
Year: 2014 to present
Region: Germany

Our Task

Reduce processing cost on fraction 100–400 mm.
Increase the metal content on final product to 60 % and higher.


On this specific application we were able to reduce the processing costa per ton for our customer by 4 Euro per ton. Customers annual saving, compared to the existing operation is approximately 200.000 Euro. Instead of processing the oversize material by Drop Balling, Electric Magnets and Hydraulic Breakers we could established a secured and constant process. Average capacity per day was in average 1.300 tons in a one shift. We produced a 0–100 mm end product that customer could process with existing plants. On the separated metal fraction wee reached a quality of 85% Fe content, turing unusable material into a high value raw material.

Start valueTargetEnd valueCheck
metal content30%30% at least80%OK
cost per tonn/adecrease-4 €/tonOK
metal content250 ton/dayincrease1 300 ton/dayOK