Case studyCustomer THYSSEN Krupp

Description of the situation

Thyssen Krupp Mill Services is one of the biggest slag processors in Germany. They operate on 11 sites. 2013 they looked for a solution for the processing of difficult materials, reducing processing costs and to be able to use it on multiple sites. At one of their sites they have approximately 70 000 t per year of material up to 200mm coming from the first magnet before it get crushed. They processed material with pulverizers and hydraulic hammer and magnets.

Material: EAF Slag & Scrap mixture
Feeding Size: 200 mm
Metal Content: 45 %
Year: 2013 to present
Region: Germany

Our Task

Increase metal content up to 65%, otherwise it makes no economical sense to reuse the material in the furnace, energy costs would be to high.


By setting up a streamline process, combination of the Tracked Jaw & Magnetic station we reduced processing cost of 38 Euro/ ton down to 8 Euro/t finished scrap fraction. Annual saving for our customer approx. 2.1 Million Euro.

Start valueTargetEnd valueCheck
metal content45%65% at least65%OK
cost per ton38 €/tondecrease8 €/tonOK